Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Binary MLM

Binary Plan is a way of compensation system in MLM. Binary means '2' - this the reason why we called this plan 'Binary'?

A Business Associate can have two “legs” and that is called “Binary”.  You will have a volume requirement on each leg in order to get paid and a “balancing” of volume from the A and B group (legs) in order to maximize your commissions.
For example,
if A(associate) got two member under him as B & C its considered as pair like in below structure.
|              |
B            C
But if the ‘A’ got B & C under his single leg like this below its not considered as pair.
|          |
But in the above description only considers as Binary. Binary has many various specifications like 1:1, 1:2/2:1, Trinary, Level Binary, Australian Binary, SpillOver Binary and many.
But for starting with mlm business we recommend 1:1 binary with or without a tail(1:2/2:1)
For Insurance products, Investment products binary is best as per our knowledge.
Binary compensation can be shared as in two ways -
  1. Pair matching
  2. PV – Product/Point Value Matching
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What is MLM?

MLM - Multi Level Marketing is just like a marketing way to sell products/services. Whenever we refer a product/service to someone its called MLM, in another way its called Referral. The main different of Referral and Multi Level is, a referral is not having any major structures to distribute the profit - but in mlm it does.

In MLM, there are so many type of plans for distributing commissions for referrers. And MLM is the one and one way for Direct Selling.

Simply we can say like this
A company use their customers for marketing.